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The manufacturer brings finest quality Roach Finis (Herbal Cockroach Repellent), which is completely herbal extract mixed with food source. This product is 100% non poisonous for human being as well as for pets. Our products find their extensive application in residential areas, schools, industrial areas, trains, restaurants, hospitals, malls, laboratories, air crafts, ships, trains, cars, sleeper coaches, carriers, yacht and others Standard Packing- 40 gm collapsible tube specially packed for Domestic use.
40 gm tube covers approximately 550 sq. ft of standard residential area. Activation Period- As this is herbal repellent it takes 6-9 days for 90% result and 21 days to complete relief. (The Egg cycle of cockroach is of 21 days) Colour- Roach Finis is available in light brown colour.
Salient features-
· Ready to use · Smooth paste · Easy to use- no special skill required · Non toxic · It also repells all types of“Ants”and“food eating kitchen pest” How To Use- This bait can be applied as a spot in crakes & crevices. The distance between two spot should be not more than one feet. A spot should not be cleaned and wiped in daily cleaning process. Duration of repellency- The effect of repellency will long last up to 4-6 months.
Where to use-
· Under kitchen sinks · Inside kitchen trolleys · Toilets (behind doors hinges & window corners) · Bathrooms (behind doors hinges & window corners) · Under Creaks & crevices · Under sofas · Under Chairs & Sitting arrangements · Behind doors & windows · Inside & under beds · Computer tables · Near electrical switch boards
Herbal extract
How it work-
As you know our ancestors were having ample knowledge of herbs, we had not derived any new formula, we are just using there valuable knowledge for our modern life style. As soon as any pest come in contact with Extract of Margosa Kernel the Metabolism of that particular pest get disturbed. As a common pest nature a powerful pest started eating the weaker one and thus the colony distraction took place, because of unique herb and it’s special property pest never get immune to it, and we live happily for next 4-6 month.
1 Year from the date of packing.

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